Brightline: West Palm to Miami by year’s end

Tuesday Aug 8th, 2017


All Aboard Florida’s Brightline passenger train service will start carrying passengers between West Palm Beach and Miami by the end of the year, offering introductory fares and “buy-one-get-one free” offers to entice commuters to ride. Brightline had said the first leg of its service was expected to start service in late summer, with a grand opening ceremony expected to be held in the fall. But during a tour of the company’s sprawling MiamiCentral station on... [read more]

Florida Officials Propose Hyperloop That Could Make Miami-to-Orlando Trip in 26 Minutes

Tuesday Apr 11th, 2017


        The Hyperloop at first sounds like one of Elon Musk's crackpot ideas. Musk, America's premier huckster polymath, claims his Hyperloop can get travelers the 380 miles from Los Angeles to San Francisco in just 30 minutes by shooting passengers at 780 mph through frictionless pneumatic tubes.   But the idea allegedly isn't that far-fetched anymore: One of the two companies working to create real Hyperloops is now planning lines... [read more]