Do Florida taxpayers get a good ROI? New report ranks every state.

Wednesday Mar 29th, 2017



Source: WalletHub

We all know that a good chunk of our income goes to Uncle Sam and the state, but how much return are we getting on our tax investment? That's the subject of a new WalletHub report, which breaks down the "Taxpayer ROI" for all 50 states and Washington, D.C.

And for those of us living in Florida, the outlook on returns is pretty sunny. The state ranks close to the top of the list overall for taxpayer ROI. To compile the report, the Washington, D.C.-based financial analysis site looked at 23 metrics across two main categories:

  • Total taxes paid per capita.
  • Overall government services, which included education, health, safety, economy and infrastructure & pollution.

North Dakota came in dead last when it comes to taxpayer ROI, followed by Hawaii and New Mexico, respectively. Florida came up 3rd best right behind South Dakota and New Hampshire topping the list.

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