Florida’s economy a little above average compared to the rest of the U.S., study shows

Tuesday Jun 06th, 2017


Source: WalletHub


If you wonder how Florida's economy compares with the rest of the U.S., a new WalletHub study sheds some light on how well we're doing. After assessing 27 key economic indicators of strength and performance, Wallethub ranked Florida’s economy No. 22 compared to the rest of the United States and the District of Columbia. WalletHub analyzed data ranging from economic activity and economic health, to innovation potential.

Here's how Florida stacked up (1 = best, 25 = average):


No. 5: GDP growth

No. 37: Exports per capita

No. 2: Startup activity

No. 35: Percentage of jobs in high-tech industries

No. 39: Annual median household income

No. 3: Change in non-farm payrolls (2016 vs. 2015)

No. 23: Government surplus/deficit per capita

No. 31: Unemployment rate


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